Awesome, non-cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts for your dude

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there are traditionally two schools of thought: 1) You think it’s a cheesy, Hallmark-card created day in February where it’s near impossible to find a dinner reservation or 2) You love Cupid. You love those candy hearts with cheeky messages. You love love! You LOVE Valentine’s Day. 

Regardless of where you stand on February 14th, we can all agree that it can be a real chocolate-covered challenge to find the dude in our life something that isn’t played out. I mean, does he really need another tie clip? Take it outside of the heart-shaped box this year with something he’ll actually love. Here are a few of our favorite moves for awesome, non-cheesy Valentine’s Day gift options for your man:

1: Get your sip on together with a DIY brew tour 

The Magic City has a legit local beer scene that can make for a cool date night. If you and your dude are into brews, we suggest getting a Lyft or Uber (safety first, folks!) to brewery hop to your faves or check out the ones you haven’t tried yet. We suggest kicking things off at District Brewing Co. (try the stout—it’s excellent) for a little Connect-Four, then grab a ride over to Back Forty Beer Co. to see what all the fuss is about with the Peanut Butter Porter before building up a good base with their housemade poutine featuring Truck Stop Honey gravy and the Back 40 cheeseburger. Next up, stop by the Crestwood area’s hoppiest happening spot, True Story Brewing, for their Fabricator Double IPA and a solid list of other local brews. Finally, round out your sudsy Valentine’s Day celebration with a trip to tried-and-true Avondale Brewing for Miss Fancy’s and a little time under the stars out back in their patio area (don’t worry—they’ve got heaters!). Foot the bill, and we’ll bet that your boy will swear it’s the best date he’s ever been on. 

2: Create a basket full of gifts perfect for the consummate gentleman

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t love receiving a basket filled to the brim with items that speak to their personality. For the dapper dude in your life, consider putting together a collection of high-quality products to help him further get his debonair on. We love the men-specific product offerings from both Redken Brews and Baxter of California (both brands available at our salon for purchase, FYI). Throw in a cool Napoli pocket square from local ready-to-wear luxe line Charlie Birmingham and a bottle of his favorite scotch (ahem, you can’t go wrong with The Macallan 12-Year Sherry Oak), and you’ve got an assortment equal parts classic Cary Grant and devastatingly cool Idris Elba that he’s sure to love. Want to take your token of love up a notch? Hook him up with our Ultimate package—a luxurious grooming experience designed to help look and feel as amazing as you know he is.

3: Further cultivate his interests

Whether he’s the type who keeps you in stitches or the kind who believes that the way to the heart is through the stomach, you can encourage his passions and proclivities by hooking him up with classes meant to fan the flames of what he’s really into. For the funny guy, check out improv or stand-up comedy classes courtesy of Positively Funny, Birmingham’s in-depth comedy group. Not only will these wildly entertaining classes help him tap into his funniest self, they’ll also help him hone his public speaking and the ability to think on his feet. If he’s more into the gastronomic arts, heat things up with Sur La Table cooking classes. During these 2 to 2.5-hour long lessons, he’ll learn how to do everything from making croissants from scratch to Tuscan cast iron cooking. You can also make a date of crafting Italian pasta or learning to cook with wine thanks to Sur La Table’s Date Night series. The best part? You get to reap the sweet benefits of your man’s newfound culinary skills.

To set up his well-deserved grooming sesh at Stephen Gregory, A Men’s Concept in advance of Valentine’s Day (or any time!), click here or call 205-703-8076.