Cool guy vibes: 5 hairstyles to try this year

If you’re out to revamp your vibe a little, this is the perfect time. The weather’s warming up, the days are getting longer, and the shift in season presents the prime opportunity to shake your look up without having to suffer through mucho maintenance. Here’s what we’re loving right now (and what we think you can totally pull off):

1. The wavy fade

While the uber-groomed take on the fade has tapered off, the next-level short back and sides style is certainly here to stay. Our favorite version of the look right now involves keeping the length on top while simultaneously really embracing curly or wavy texture. This fade variety works best when the sides are cut quite as close. Ask your Stephen Gregory stylist to help you find a little more of a messy, rock-and-roll angle for the cut that just won’t quit.

2. The twisted ‘fro

For those dudes blessed with coarse locks, you’ll find an of-the-moment move in artfully twisting your ends for a grown-out look that still feels entirely grown-up. The hottest thing anyone can wear is confidence, of course, but it sure doesn’t help to throw in a touch of scruff to take this style to a Donald Glover place that’s sure to turn heads. 

3. The mussed-up buzz cut

So, in case you haven’t caught on yet, the en vogue vibe is just a touch—well—undone. Note: We did NOT say “unkempt,” so for the love of all that is holy, take care of your callouses and cuticles with a manly mani and/or PLEASE moisturize (your skin will thank us and so will your main squeeze). For those with straight, fine strands looking to achieve a more disheveled hairstyle, you can bring in a little messiness to your look with an imperfect buzzcut. Ask your Stephen Gregory hair guru to leave a millimeter or two of extra length, avoid trimming down your cowlicks, and take a minimalist approach to product so you can embody some tousled action even in a tailored suit.

4. The Jackson Maine

That gruff, scruffy version of Bradley Cooper is everywhere, and we are here for it (minus the leathery skin—wear sunscreen, y’all). Grow out your hair, then ask for layers on layers on layers and learn how to master a blow dryer (ask us how). Whether you can sing for real, you’re just sort of a karaoke king, or you can’t carry a tune in a bucket, this is a look that screams swaggy.

5. The brownout 

Going darker may seem counterintuitive for spring, but darker hair has serious shine and is so much easier to maintain. In keeping with the whole low-key situation, you’ll find that deep, dark tresses not only signify a little more mystery, they’re also a lot less damaging than the alternative. Request an all-over darker hue that will create more depth without washing you out. 

Expert advice: The “I woke up like this” vibe requires the right product. Check out our selection of Redken Brews and Baxter of California products to get you there. Embrace your best life, starting with the best hair. To schedule an appointment, call 205-703-8076 or download our app today (available for iOS and Android devices). 

Written by Jamie Walden